The Photographers' Gallery, Oct 2012

It's a thankless task trying to be both inclusive while showcasing the most important new photography in the world (whatever that look like). After those long, dark years of relocation and refurbishment The Photographers' Gallery continues to re-position itself as the most accessible photography gallery in the world. Ever. The Wall, the web-driven screen over the stairwell, is currently offering an opportunity to share cat photos.

Upstairs, and in collaboration with the Bradford National Media Museum, Tom Wood gets his first retrospective. Drawn from a several decades-deep archive produced through relentless wandering, and more than a few bus journeys, it consists largely of images taken around Merseyside.

Wood displays a connectedness to his subject reminiscent of French photography of the late 1940s which sought to re-assert a cultural identity which had become under-valued, and under threat.



(until 6th January 2013)