Photographers' Gallery, March 2013

While it's hard enough to find your own particular voice in any medium in the world of art photography, with five hundred million people on a similar search, it's unlikely whatever you come up with will prove to be particularly unique once you spend some time on the web seeing what else is out there. Some familiar strategies to minimize this risk have been to spend large (and print big) or else get stuck into a long term personal project. Laura Letinsky seems to defy either. Her work is instantly identifiably, modest in its realisation (and display) and yet so particular to her that even if someone could emulate her peculiar methods the result would probably lack some fundamental aspect of sensibility that makes these clearly by Laura Letinsky. Defining exactly what that quality is, is more difficult: hesitant, peculiar, delicate, surreal maybe, or perhaps the opposite of each of those: confident, familiar, assertive and mundane. Such ambiguities make the photographs complex to read and quite unique in their effect.



Until 7th April 2013