Taryn Simon, March 2013

The Gagosian on Davies Street is one of the most exposed and tiniest galleries in London. A fairly wide but extremely shallow space it effectively operates as a kind of street vitrine. The need to enter through the door only really necessitated to remove the reflections inherent in looking through the plate glass windows.

Interest in photographic collage has grown in the last few years and 'The Picture Collection' by Taryn Simon is a series built from found images mined from art, advertising, news, fashion, journals and cartoon images held in the New York public library archive. Her method is to select similar sized pictures tagged in the library database by a particular word (veil, rear, explosion, etc.) and with the resulting highly diverse content then assembled into orderly rows based on surreal effect, humour and on graphic considerations such as picture weight and border width.

At the Photographers' Gallery Collage show, 'Perspectives on Collage', Batia Suter is showing 'Wave' (2012), a floor-based piece consisting of twenty books laid in two parallel lines opened to offer a unique form of non-destructive and totally analogue image sequencing where found photographs remain within their original context. Nicole Wermer's cut and collaged magazines in contrast work through an absolute and well-judged precision in the use of clean lines and shape.



Taryn Simon until March 28th 2013

Perspectives on Collage until April 7th 2013