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Steven Longbottom
Night Life

I’ve found myself fascinated with form in nature for years, particularly trees and their fractal structure, but until recently I hadn’t tried to photograph them seriously. Then earlier this year during winter, a heavy fog descended on Lancaster so I grabbed my camera and went out in the middle of the night to get some shots of where I live. The images that I ended up getting were all of trees, lit by sodium streetlights through the fog. The effect of the artificial orange cast over the natural forms and colours was beautiful and they fitted perfectly amongst my other work, which is all about obscured beauty. There is also a Japanese influence in there.

This set of images was taken in April of this year, to try and capture the change in the trees and plants that spring brings with it. You can see the detail in the images that represents this – buds on the trees, blossom and bright coloured flora. Throughout the rest of the year I intend to complete the project, photographing summer and autumn changes in the same style – to give me both a lasting reminder of natural beauty and of my hometown. When the project is completed, my intention is to exhibit them as light boxes to add emphasis to the fluorescence.



Steven graduated with a degree in Photography in 2003 and since then has exhibited locally and in Manchester. He is based in Lancaster with a view to relocate to Manchester later this year. He works as a commercial photographer as well as an artist, combining both disciplines in all of his work.


steven longbottom

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