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Slaven Gabric

Before I started taking photographs I had worked in painting, sculpture, mixed media, multimedia, projections and installations. The technicality of photography used to put me off but I adapted after a lot of frustration and some terrible results. It has kept my attention and interest for quite a while now.

My attention is mostly drawn to the little, funny, banal, unimportant, everyday and boring things. These are often neglected and unnoticed in quiet places in urban areas, juxtaposed to their surroundings, hidden somewhere, somehow. For instance, the geometric shape of a wall, the way it is divided in sections by lines and layers of bricks in slightly different colour interests me. This is what I like to see, study and photograph. I literally divide the picture into sections, emphasizing the contrast and juxtaposition in relation to something else within the photograph. My effort to balance those together is I believe just the reaction to an extreme imbalance in all segments of everyday life.

My latest and ongoing series 'From the Cemetery' is an example of my intention to try and show the beauty and humor in an otherwise serious, distant and strange place.

My background as a Fine Art student and involvement with other artistic processes has never allowed me to see things as simply photographs. They are also perceived as depersonalized, timeless and beyond place.

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Slaven is a Fine Art graduate from Chelsea College of Art and Design. He has exhibited at galleries around Europe and has been the recipient of numerous awards including those from the London Photographic Awards and the Prix de la Photographie, Paris 2007.

Slaven Gabric





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