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Luke White

Luke combines early photographic practices with modern digital technology. The resultant images share the aesthetic of the earliest photographic portraits. By employing an immense amount of flash lighting his exposures fix the intimate characteristics of his sitters' faces without any blurring or loss of detail.

installation (Original installation of 10 x 8 prints)

Technical Note:
Using a 10 x 8 view camera Luke captures images directly onto light
sensitive silver gelatine paper. A distinctive quality of these paper
negatives is that details which are invisible to the naked eye - moles,
freckles and scars - are made visible. The negatives are then digitally
scanned and processed before being printed onto metallic darkroom paper.

Luke's images are all investigations of sorts. He is fascinated by what
the camera can see but the eye cannot - a split second reaction, the
ultraviolet light spectrum or simply objects usually deemed too mundane to give a second glance.
Luke holds a first class degree in photography from Nottingham Trent
University and is the founder of the Unseen Photography collective. His
photographic and video work has been exhibited across Britain and in

Luke White

0771 777 3353






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