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London 2004  

Kate Hooper
'West End' Summer 2007

During the last few years I have been photographing in the West End of London after living away in a rural environment for a long time. What hit me when I returned to London was the intense, energetic atmosphere of the City. It has both a cultural and visual complexity and I am trying to capture something of a frenetic urban experience in my photographs.

Photographing within crowds is often a two-way experience: as I look at the people around me through the viewfinder I am simultaneously being looked at by people in the frame. Gaze in an urban environment is the most fleeting kind of engagement between strangers and seems to emphasise the detached and fragmentary experience within contemporary city life.

Kate is a photographer based in Greenwich.She has exhibited in London including at The Photographers' Gallery. She has a BA from Nottingham Trent University and an MA (Distinction) from the London College of Communication. Her stock photography is represented by workbookstock.com.

Kate Hooper





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