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West End 2007  

Kate Hooper
'London' 2004

At the London College of Printing I attended a series of lectures on contemporary photography that were inspirational and motivated a new direction in my own work. Previously I had been largely interested in constructed imagery influenced by a Samuel Becket spirit of the absurd amongst the mundane. I instead became aware of found tableaux in the scenes around me.

The challenge in this approach is that the aim is to acknowledge something rather than to create it. It means giving up control and becoming immersed in everyday life. Photographically something occasionally happens in the midst of all the visual activity and single frames can suggest a quality of intent amongst all that haphazard energy.

Kate is a photographer based in Greenwich.She has exhibited in London including at The Photographers' Gallery. She has a BA from Nottingham Trent University and an MA (Distinction) from the London College of Communication. Her stock photography is represented by workbookstock.com.

Kate Hooper





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